International Sports and Games

1. Against which test playing team Bangladesh had won the first cricket test series?

  • ক. Zimbabwe
  • খ. Scotland
  • গ. Sri Lanka
  • ঘ. Weat Indies

উত্তরঃ Zimbabwe


2. The name of the official match ball of the 2010 Football World Cup--

  • ক. Jubalumi
  • খ. Soheli
  • গ. Rand
  • ঘ. Jabulani

উত্তরঃ Jabulani


3. The expression 'Grand Slam' is connected with:

  • ক. Hockey
  • খ. Tennis
  • গ. Rugby
  • ঘ. Game of Cards

উত্তরঃ Tennis


4. Olympic-2012 was held in:

  • ক. London
  • খ. Paris
  • গ. New York
  • ঘ. Beijing

উত্তরঃ London


5. Who is the highest wicket taker is One-day International Cricket?

  • ক. Muttiah Muralidharan
  • খ. Wasim Akram
  • গ. Shane Warne
  • ঘ. Anil Kumble

উত্তরঃ Muttiah Muralidharan


6. Which of the following colours is used as a sybble of Olympic?

  • ক. Red
  • খ. Pink
  • গ. Blue
  • ঘ. White

উত্তরঃ Blue


7. In which country is the next Olympic games going to be held?

  • ক. USA
  • খ. India
  • গ. Argentina
  • ঘ. Brazil

উত্তরঃ Brazil


8. The 2008 Summer Olympic were held in--

  • ক. China
  • খ. Germany
  • গ. Russia
  • ঘ. Japan

উত্তরঃ China


9. Summer Olympic is held every four years and Winter Olympics is held every---

  • ক. 7 years
  • খ. 3 years
  • গ. 5 years
  • ঘ. 4 years

উত্তরঃ 4 years


10. Which country will host the FIFA world cup football tournament-2010?

  • ক. UK
  • খ. Brazil
  • গ. France
  • ঘ. South Africa

উত্তরঃ South Africa


11. 'Thomas Cup' is related to--

  • ক. Golf
  • খ. Tennis
  • গ. Badminton
  • ঘ. Horse Race

উত্তরঃ Badminton


12. Who won the Men's Wimbledon Trophy in 2008?

  • ক. Rafael Nadal
  • খ. Roger Federer
  • গ. Novak Djokovic
  • ঘ. Marcos Baghdatis

উত্তরঃ Roger Federer


13. Name of the Golf Championship Trophy is:

  • ক. Zarja cup
  • খ. Raider cup
  • গ. Tomas cup
  • ঘ. Davis cup

উত্তরঃ Raider cup


14. World cup Football tournament 2010 were held in:

  • ক. South Africa
  • খ. Italy
  • গ. China
  • ঘ. Brazil

উত্তরঃ South Africa


15. In what sports do players take both long and shorth comers?

  • ক. Snooker
  • খ. Handball
  • গ. Soccer
  • ঘ. Hockey

উত্তরঃ Hockey


16. How many countries participate in the Beijing Olympic?

  • ক. 100
  • খ. 150
  • গ. 250
  • ঘ. 205

উত্তরঃ 205


17. Who scored maximum sixes in the T20 2009 World Cup?

  • ক. Chris Gayle
  • খ. Shahid Afridi
  • গ. Ricky Ponting
  • ঘ. Yuboraj Singh

উত্তরঃ Yuboraj Singh


18. Who was declared the player of the turnament in the second T20 World Cup?

  • ক. Chris Gayle
  • খ. Tilekratne Dilsan
  • গ. Ricky Ponting
  • ঘ. Yuboraj Singh

উত্তরঃ Tilekratne Dilsan


19. Which of the country is not a semi-finalist in the second ICC World T-20?

  • ক. Pakistan
  • খ. West Indies
  • গ. South Africa
  • ঘ. Sri Lanka

উত্তরঃ South Africa


20. Wimbledon is famous for--

  • ক. Its tennis tournament
  • খ. Its University
  • গ. Its beautiful lakes
  • ঘ. Its fort

উত্তরঃ Its tennis tournament


21. Which Mughal emperor is laid in rest in Yangon?

  • ক. Bahadur Shah
  • খ. Sher Shah
  • গ. Elias Shah
  • ঘ. Jafar Shah

উত্তরঃ Bahadur Shah


22. The team that participate in the world cup cricket final 2007 were---

  • ক. India & Australia
  • খ. Pakistan & Australia
  • গ. Sri Lanka & Australia
  • ঘ. Bangladesh & Australia

উত্তরঃ Sri Lanka & Australia


23. What is the national game of USA?

  • ক. Football
  • খ. Cricket
  • গ. Baseball
  • ঘ. Swimming

উত্তরঃ Baseball


24. Common Wealth Games in the year 2010 were scheduled to be held in--

  • ক. Brisbane
  • খ. Melbourne
  • গ. Manchester
  • ঘ. Delhi

উত্তরঃ Delhi


25. Who holds the record of most wicket taker in the test cricket?

  • ক. Muttiah Muralidharan
  • খ. Wasim Akram
  • গ. Shane Warne
  • ঘ. Kapil Dev

উত্তরঃ Muttiah Muralidharan


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