1. ANZUS stands for---

  • ক. Astralia, New Zealand, UAE and South Africa
  • খ. Astralia, New Zealand, United Kindom and Switzerland
  • গ. Astralia, New Zealand and United States
  • ঘ. Astralia, New Zealand, Uruguay and South Africa

উত্তরঃ Astralia, New Zealand and United States


2. APEC Stands for--/ APEC বলতে বুঝায়---

  • ক. Arab Petroleum Exporting Co-operation
  • খ. Arab Peoples Economic Co-operation
  • গ. Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation
  • ঘ. Asian Petroleum Exporting Co-operation

উত্তরঃ Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation


3. ADB Stands for--

  • ক. Annual Development Budget
  • খ. Actual Development Budget
  • গ. Asian Development Bank
  • ঘ. None of these

উত্তরঃ Asian Development Bank


4. BIMSTEC stands for--/ BIMSTEC বলতে বোঝায়--

  • ক. Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Co-operation
  • খ. Bangladesh-India-Malaysia-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Co-operation
  • গ. Bay of Bengal Initiatives Multi-Sectoral Technical Economic Co-operation
  • ঘ. Bangladesh-India-Maldives-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Co-operation

উত্তরঃ Bay of Bengal Initiatives Multi-Sectoral Technical Economic Co-operation


5. CIS stands for---

  • ক. Commonwealth of Independent States
  • খ. Commonwealth of Independent Socities
  • গ. Commonwealth of Intelligence Services
  • ঘ. Central Intelligence Services

উত্তরঃ Commonwealth of Independent States


6. CPA stands for---

  • ক. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • খ. Commonwealth Parliament Association
  • গ. Commonwealth Parliamentary Agencies
  • ঘ. Commonwealth Parliamentary Authority

উত্তরঃ Commonwealth Parliamentary Association


7. CTBT stands for-----

  • ক. Centre for Training of British Teachers
  • খ. Comprehensive Training of British Traders
  • গ. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
  • ঘ. Computer Training in Banking and Trading

উত্তরঃ Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty


8. CIRDAP stands for---

  • ক. Centre for Integrated Rular Development for Asia and Pacific
  • খ. Centre for Integral Regional Development for Asia and Pacific
  • গ. Centre for Internal Resource Development for Asia and Pacific
  • ঘ. Centre on Integral Rular Development for Asia and Pacific

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

9. Conference on the Application of Science and Technology in Asia- is stand for

  • খ. CASTA
  • গ. CASCTA
  • ঘ. CASASIA



10. Central Treaty Organization-

  • ক. CTO
  • খ. CENTO
  • গ. CTRO
  • ঘ. CNTO

উত্তরঃ CENTO


11. ESCAP means--

  • ক. Economic and Social Conference for Asia and the Pacific
  • খ. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  • গ. Economic and Social Commissions for Asia and the Pacific
  • ঘ. Economic and Social Centre for Asia and the Pacific

উত্তরঃ Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific


12. Global Tread and Technology Network--

  • ক. GTTN
  • খ. GTATN
  • গ. GTN
  • ঘ. GLOTTN

উত্তরঃ GTN


13. ICAO stands for

  • ক. International Cultural Organization
  • খ. International Community Advancement Organization
  • গ. International Civil Aviation Organization
  • ঘ. International Community for Advancementof the Old

উত্তরঃ International Civil Aviation Organization


14. IDB stands for--

  • ক. International Development Bank
  • খ. Islamic Development Bank
  • গ. Indian Development Bank
  • ঘ. Inter-country Development Bank

উত্তরঃ Islamic Development Bank


15. What does IMF stands for?

  • ক. International Maritime Federation
  • খ. Intravenous Micro Fluid
  • গ. International Moneytary Fund
  • ঘ. None of these

উত্তরঃ International Moneytary Fund


16. IPCC stands for--

  • ক. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • খ. International proverty Control Commission
  • গ. International Postal Control and Conduct
  • ঘ. International Population Control Council

উত্তরঃ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


17. ISBN is related to:

  • ক. TV channel
  • খ. Books and publications
  • গ. Greenhouse
  • ঘ. UN peacekeeping force

উত্তরঃ Books and publications


18. ISO stands for--

  • ক. International Standardization Organization
  • খ. International Scientific Organization
  • গ. Islamic Socio-culture Organization
  • ঘ. International Organization for Standardization

উত্তরঃ International Organization for Standardization


19. Islamic Federation for Science, Technology and Development---

  • ক. IFSTD
  • খ. IFSTAD
  • গ. IFFSTD
  • ঘ. IFSTDD

উত্তরঃ IFSTAD


20. MFA stands for--

  • ক. Multi Fiber Agreement
  • খ. Multi Fiber Arrangement
  • গ. Most Favourable Agreement
  • ঘ. Most Favourable Arrangement

উত্তরঃ Multi Fiber Agreement


21. NAFTA stands for---

  • ক. North Atlantic free Trade Agreement
  • খ. North American free Trade Agreement
  • গ. North African Technological Arrangement
  • ঘ. North African Trade Agreement

উত্তরঃ North American free Trade Agreement


22. NATO stands for--

  • ক. North America Treaty Organization
  • খ. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • গ. North Artic Treaty Organization
  • ঘ. North Arabia Treaty Organization

উত্তরঃ North Atlantic Treaty Organization


23. NAM stands for--

  • ক. None Aligened Movement
  • খ. Non Aligened Movement
  • গ. Not Aligened Movement
  • ঘ. None Alien Movement

উত্তরঃ Non Aligened Movement


24. NMD stands for---

  • ক. Natural Mineral Deposit
  • খ. National Missile Defence
  • গ. International Monetory Devaluation
  • ঘ. Natural Mutual Defence

উত্তরঃ National Missile Defence


25. PLA stands for--

  • ক. Palestinian Liberation Army
  • খ. Pepole's Liberation Army
  • গ. Pepole's Labour Association
  • ঘ. Polish Liberation Army

উত্তরঃ Pepole's Liberation Army


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