Computer Knowledge

1. Number of bits in a byte is--

  • ক. 8
  • খ. 16
  • গ. 2
  • ঘ. 32

উত্তরঃ 8


2. Which of the following is the save button in computer key board?

  • ক. F12
  • খ. F8
  • গ. F6
  • ঘ. F1

উত্তরঃ F12


3. Which one is astorage device?

  • ক. CPU
  • খ. headphone
  • গ. floppy disk
  • ঘ. modem

উত্তরঃ floppy disk


4. The hexadecimal number 9 is equivalent to--

  • ক. binary 1000
  • খ. octal 5
  • গ. binary 110
  • ঘ. decimal 9

উত্তরঃ decimal 9


5. What is an icon?

  • ক. Pictorial representation of an operation
  • খ. Method of cutting and pasting
  • গ. Flashing of display
  • ঘ. Beefs, roars and shrieks in a video game

উত্তরঃ Pictorial representation of an operation


6. A complete microcomputer system consists of--

  • ক. microprocessors
  • খ. memory
  • গ. peripheral equipment
  • ঘ. all of A, B and C

উত্তরঃ all of A, B and C


7. Bar codes are most common in--

  • ক. banks
  • খ. medical labroatories
  • গ. supermarkets
  • ঘ. admission test

উত্তরঃ supermarkets


8. The computer stores its program and data in its--

  • ক. ALU
  • খ. control unit
  • গ. memory
  • ঘ. cache memory

উত্তরঃ memory


9. What kind of secondary storage is provided by magnetic disks?

  • ক. fast speed, high capacity
  • খ. slow speed, high capacity
  • গ. fast speed, low capacity
  • ঘ. slow speed, low capacity

উত্তরঃ slow speed, high capacity


10. Records on magnetic tape are often grouped into -- in order to enhance reading/writing?

  • ক. sectors
  • খ. blocks
  • গ. tracks
  • ঘ. files

উত্তরঃ tracks


11. 1 byte is equal to--

  • ক. 2 bits
  • খ. 4 bits
  • গ. 8 bits
  • ঘ. 16 bits

উত্তরঃ 8 bits


12. Which one is not a part of CPU?

  • ক. Arithmetic Unit
  • খ. Logic Unit
  • গ. Register
  • ঘ. Execution Unit

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

13. Laser printers are known as--

  • ক. character printers
  • খ. line printers
  • গ. page printers
  • ঘ. graphic printers

উত্তরঃ page printers


14. Which is the largest unit of storage?

  • ক. terabyte
  • খ. kilobyte
  • গ. megabyte
  • ঘ. gigabyte

উত্তরঃ terabyte


15. Which one is an output device?

  • ক. Joystick
  • খ. Microphone
  • গ. Monitor
  • ঘ. Hard Drive

উত্তরঃ Monitor


16. The base 16 number system is--

  • ক. Octal
  • খ. Binary
  • গ. Hexadecimal
  • ঘ. Decimal

উত্তরঃ Hexadecimal


17. The brain of a computer within the CPU is—

  • ক. ALU
  • খ. Josephson Buble
  • গ. Register
  • ঘ. Control Unit

উত্তরঃ ALU


18. Data and instructions waiting to be processed and the resulting output are stored in-

  • ক. Control Unit
  • খ. Memory
  • গ. Analog decoders
  • ঘ. Logic unit

উত্তরঃ Memory


19. Which menu includes the command ‘find’?

  • ক. Select
  • খ. Format
  • গ. Close
  • ঘ. Edit

উত্তরঃ Edit


20. What is the permanent memory storage of a computer?

  • ক. Software
  • খ. ROM
  • গ. RAM
  • ঘ. CD

উত্তরঃ ROM


21. The type of scanner used in banking industry is—

  • ক. OCR
  • খ. CAT
  • গ. OMR
  • ঘ. MICR

উত্তরঃ MICR


22. CRTs, LEDs and LCDs are—

  • ক. Used for output, not for input
  • খ. Common types of display screens
  • গ. Obsolete since the discovery of electrical mouse
  • ঘ. NMR variations

উত্তরঃ Used for output, not for input


23. Which software is more useful in preparing a report with statistical and accounting analysis?

  • ক. Microsoft Word
  • খ. Excel
  • গ. Power Point
  • ঘ. Access

উত্তরঃ Excel


24. What is the function of RAM in computer?

  • ক. Storing data permanently
  • খ. Processing data
  • গ. Storing data temporarily
  • ঘ. Generating graphics

উত্তরঃ Storing data temporarily


25. Access time is made up of—

  • ক. Seek time
  • খ. Search time
  • গ. Data transfer time
  • ঘ. a, b and c

উত্তরঃ a, b and c


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