1. Which is the parliament of Japan?

  • ক. Diet
  • খ. Congress
  • গ. National parliament
  • ঘ. Senate

উত্তরঃ Diet


2. Congress is the name of the parliament of which of the following country?

  • ক. India
  • খ. Sweden
  • গ. USA
  • ঘ. South Africa

উত্তরঃ USA


3. What is the parliament of Malaysia?

  • ক. National council
  • খ. Parliament
  • গ. National Assembly
  • ঘ. Federal Assembly

উত্তরঃ Parliament


4. What is the parliament of Israel called?

  • ক. Knesset
  • খ. Kenges
  • গ. Torah
  • ঘ. Shengo

উত্তরঃ Knesset


5. The Japanese parliament, the Diet, is composed of a House of Representatives and a—

  • ক. House of Councilors
  • খ. People’s House
  • গ. Nothing else: the Japanese parliament is unicameral
  • ঘ. House of Commons

উত্তরঃ House of Councilors


6. Which country has the Folketing as parliament?

  • ক. Iceland
  • খ. Denmark
  • গ. Greenland
  • ঘ. Finland

উত্তরঃ Denmark


7. Which is the Russian Assembly?

  • ক. Duma
  • খ. Putsch
  • গ. Eduskunta
  • ঘ. Kremlin

উত্তরঃ Duma


8. The French parliament consists of two chambers, the Senate ant the---

  • ক. Assemblee Nationale
  • খ. Versailles
  • গ. Chambre du Peuple
  • ঘ. Assemblee Francaise

উত্তরঃ Assemblee Nationale


9. In which city is the South African parliament?

  • ক. Pretoria
  • খ. Bloemfontein
  • গ. Cape Town
  • ঘ. Johannesburg

উত্তরঃ Cape Town


10. Which country has the Storting as parliament?

  • ক. Finland
  • খ. Denmark
  • গ. Iceland
  • ঘ. Norway

উত্তরঃ Norway


11. The Spanish parliament, the Cortes, is composed of two chambers: the Senat and the Congress of—

  • ক. Deputies
  • খ. Electorates
  • গ. Councilors
  • ঘ. Representatives

উত্তরঃ Deputies


12. What is the parliament of Liechtenstein called?

  • ক. Bundestag
  • খ. Liechtentag
  • গ. Landtag
  • ঘ. Reichstag

উত্তরঃ Landtag


13. Which country has the Eduskunta as parliament?

  • ক. Lithuania
  • খ. Aroe Island
  • গ. Latvia
  • ঘ. Finland

উত্তরঃ Finland


14. What is the parliament of Ethiopia called?

  • ক. Ntango
  • খ. Shengo
  • গ. Eduskunta
  • ঘ. Haile Selassie

উত্তরঃ Shengo


15. Which country has the Riksdag as parliament?

  • ক. Liechtenstein
  • খ. Luxemburg
  • গ. Sweden
  • ঘ. Finland

উত্তরঃ Sweden


16. Which is the parliament of Mongolian?

  • ক. Upper Hural
  • খ. Tall Hural
  • গ. State General Khural
  • ঘ. Big Hural

উত্তরঃ State General Khural


17. What is the parliament of the Republic of Ireland called?

  • ক. Folketing
  • খ. Oireachtas
  • গ. Eire Althing
  • ঘ. Dail Eireann

উত্তরঃ Oireachtas


18. What is the Cuban parliament called?

  • ক. Congreso Che Guevara
  • খ. Asamblea Ernesto Guevara
  • গ. Congreso Nacional del Poder Popular
  • ঘ. Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular

উত্তরঃ Asamblea Ernesto Guevara


19. What is the Chinese parliament called?

  • ক. People’s Assembly
  • খ. National People’s Congress
  • গ. Chinese People’s Congress
  • ঘ. National Assembly

উত্তরঃ National People’s Congress


20. Which country has the Althing as its Assembly?

  • ক. Republic of Ireland
  • খ. Norway
  • গ. Iceland
  • ঘ. Denmark

উত্তরঃ Iceland


21. Where does the European Parliament called?

  • ক. Luxemburg
  • খ. Geneva
  • গ. The Hague
  • ঘ. Strasbourg

উত্তরঃ Strasbourg


22. What is the Dutch parliament called?

  • ক. Senaat
  • খ. Staten Generaal
  • গ. Raad van State
  • ঘ. Tweede Kamer

উত্তরঃ Staten Generaal


23. In which city is the Dutch parliament?

  • ক. Amsterdam
  • খ. Utrecht
  • গ. The Hague
  • ঘ. Rotterdam

উত্তরঃ The Hague


24. The parliament of Iran is known as?

  • ক. Majlis
  • খ. Darul Awam
  • গ. Congress
  • ঘ. Quami Assembly

উত্তরঃ Majlis


25. The parliament of Afghanistan is called?

  • ক. Shora
  • খ. National Assembly
  • গ. Senate
  • ঘ. Majlis

উত্তরঃ National Assembly


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