Groups Verbs and Right form of Verb

1. Shaheen would never have taken the job if he -- what great impact it would make on his time .

  • ক. knew
  • খ. had been knowing
  • গ. had known
  • ঘ. was knowing

উত্তরঃ had known


2. Three-fourth of the work-- finished

  • ক. have been
  • খ. had
  • গ. has been
  • ঘ. were

উত্তরঃ has been


3. He ---- to see us if had been able to.

  • ক. Would come
  • খ. Would have come
  • গ. may have come
  • ঘ. may come

উত্তরঃ Would have come


4. I waited untill the plane ----.

  • ক. did not take off
  • খ. took off
  • গ. had not off
  • ঘ. had taken off

উত্তরঃ took off


5. That dress does not suit you; you ---- buy another.

  • ক. will
  • খ. would
  • গ. should
  • ঘ. could

উত্তরঃ should


6. If you are late again , I shall have to --- you .

  • ক. knock
  • খ. punish
  • গ. hit
  • ঘ. strike

উত্তরঃ punish


7. Do you --- earthquakes in your country?

  • ক. see
  • খ. feel
  • গ. have
  • ঘ. know

উত্তরঃ feel


8. I --- my prayer before i go to bed.

  • ক. make
  • খ. say
  • গ. utter
  • ঘ. tell

উত্তরঃ say


9. you'd better go and see the boss and say what you've done. If you put off it to her, she'll only be more annoyed.

  • ক. explain
  • খ. to explain
  • গ. explaining
  • ঘ. to have explained

উত্তরঃ explaining


10. Your jacket is dirty . It----cleaning.

  • ক. will need
  • খ. needs
  • গ. is needing
  • ঘ. is needed

উত্তরঃ needs


11. use the right form of verb. I (to live) here since 1972.

  • ক. have been living
  • খ. live
  • গ. had lived
  • ঘ. had been

উত্তরঃ have been living


12. Past form of 'withhold' is---

  • ক. Withholded
  • খ. withheld
  • গ. withhelded
  • ঘ. no past form.

উত্তরঃ withheld


13. You'll soon be able to swim if you ---- hard .

  • ক. have practised
  • খ. are practising
  • গ. practise
  • ঘ. will practise

উত্তরঃ practise


14. What would happen if the bridge ---.

  • ক. have broken
  • খ. broke
  • গ. will break
  • ঘ. breaks

উত্তরঃ broke


15. What would happen if the bridge ---

  • ক. have broken
  • খ. broke
  • গ. will break
  • ঘ. breaks

উত্তরঃ broke


16. which one is transitive verb

  • ক. The baby sleeps.
  • খ. The girl takes after her mother .
  • গ. Fire burns
  • ঘ. To err is human

উত্তরঃ The girl takes after her mother .


17. Don't--mountains out of mole hills.

  • ক. made
  • খ. make
  • গ. having made
  • ঘ. making

উত্তরঃ make


18. She did not let me --- the guitar .

  • ক. To play
  • খ. play
  • গ. that I could play
  • ঘ. playing

উত্তরঃ play


19. No sentence can be formed without the ---

  • ক. transitive
  • খ. principal verb
  • গ. factitive verb
  • ঘ. intransitive verb

উত্তরঃ principal verb


20. What is the number of auxiliary verbs in English?

  • ক. Eleveen
  • খ. Twelve
  • গ. Thirteen
  • ঘ. Fifteen

উত্তরঃ Twelve


21. He was accused of ---- others to revolt .

  • ক. alluring
  • খ. attracting
  • গ. inciting
  • ঘ. inviting

উত্তরঃ inciting


22. Select the best option. It's 10 a.m now. The sun in the eastern sky.

  • ক. shines
  • খ. is shining
  • গ. has been shining
  • ঘ. had been shining

উত্তরঃ is shining


23. Rahim--for a new roommate before he finally succeeded.

  • ক. has been looking
  • খ. had been looking
  • গ. will be looking
  • ঘ. had looked

উত্তরঃ had been looking


24. None but the brave --- the fair.

  • ক. demands
  • খ. declars
  • গ. deludes
  • ঘ. deserves

উত্তরঃ deserves


25. He (dare) to go there.

  • ক. He dared to go there
  • খ. He dares to go there
  • গ. He dares to go there
  • ঘ. He is dare to go there

উত্তরঃ He dared to go there


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