The Number Correction

1. Plural number of ultimatum is -----

  • ক. ultimate
  • খ. ultimata
  • গ. ultimator
  • ঘ. ultimates

উত্তরঃ ultimata


2. Which one is in singular number?

  • ক. Criteria
  • খ. Data
  • গ. Agenda
  • ঘ. Index

উত্তরঃ Index


3. The ---- board has deleted a number of scenes?

  • ক. Censer
  • খ. Censar
  • গ. Censor
  • ঘ. Censur

উত্তরঃ Censor


4. Identify the singular number ;

  • ক. Formula
  • খ. Data
  • গ. fungi
  • ঘ. Agenda

উত্তরঃ Formula


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