1. The phrase functus officio means -----

  • ক. officiating
  • খ. functional office
  • গ. functional authority
  • ঘ. having no further authority

উত্তরঃ having no further authority


2. The phrase 'Down-to-earth' means-

  • ক. Close to nature
  • খ. Soft hearted
  • গ. Thrown to the ground
  • ঘ. Realistic

উত্তরঃ Realistic


3. 'Milk and water'--- phrase --টির অর্থ কি?

  • ক. Pure milk and water
  • খ. Dirty milk and water
  • গ. Lifeless dull
  • ঘ. Colourless things

উত্তরঃ Lifeless dull


4. 'In black and white'--- phrase --টির অর্থ কি?

  • ক. Verbally
  • খ. In writing
  • গ. Temporary
  • ঘ. False

উত্তরঃ In writing


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