International Economics

1. Which of the following bank is recently awarded as the best bank among the world?

  • ক. Janata Bank
  • খ. American Express
  • গ. HSBC
  • ঘ. City Bank

উত্তরঃ HSBC


2. Who is the new chief after Straus Kahn's exit?

  • ক. Julie Onasis
  • খ. Penelope Swiss
  • গ. Henry Foyl
  • ঘ. Christine Lagarde

উত্তরঃ Christine Lagarde


3. Who was the world's richest man?

  • ক. Bill Gates
  • খ. Carlos Slim
  • গ. Warren Buffet
  • ঘ. King Abdulla

উত্তরঃ Bill Gates


6. Which of the following countries has recently adopted the Euro as its currency?

  • ক. England
  • খ. Norway
  • গ. Libya
  • ঘ. Estonia

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

7. Recently India has raised the export price of per ton of non-basmati rice to--

  • ক. US$ 450
  • খ. US$ 500
  • গ. US$ 750
  • ঘ. US$ 1000

উত্তরঃ US$ 1000


8. The World Trade Organization conference of 2003 was held in---

  • ক. New York
  • খ. Tokyo
  • গ. Cancun
  • ঘ. Mexico City

উত্তরঃ Cancun


9. The 8th Asia Pacific Micro-Credit Summit was held in which city?

  • ক. Harare
  • খ. New Delhi
  • গ. Mexico City
  • ঘ. Dhaka

উত্তরঃ New Delhi


10. Which Eu Country has not adopted 'Euro' as its domestic currency?

  • ক. France
  • খ. Italy
  • গ. Germany
  • ঘ. England

উত্তরঃ England


11. Which one is the Followings is the most recent idea in the sector of economics?

  • ক. Mixed economy
  • খ. Open economy
  • গ. Command economy
  • ঘ. Market economy

উত্তরঃ Market economy


12. Which country is known is the 'Economic Superpower'?

  • ক. Japan
  • খ. India
  • গ. America
  • ঘ. China

উত্তরঃ America


13. First bank in this Indian subcontinent is--

  • ক. Kolkata Bank
  • খ. Mumbai Bank
  • গ. Delhi Bank
  • ঘ. Hindustan Bank

উত্তরঃ Hindustan Bank


14. Fire insurence was started for the first time in--

  • ক. Japan
  • খ. China
  • গ. America
  • ঘ. England

উত্তরঃ England


15. Who is the father of the modern theory of international trade?

  • ক. Heckscher Ohlin
  • খ. R. Trefler
  • গ. Adam Smith
  • ঘ. David Richardo

উত্তরঃ Heckscher Ohlin


16. Economic Co-operation Organization was established on---

  • ক. 1960
  • খ. 1965
  • গ. 1975
  • ঘ. 1980

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

17. Full meaning of SCO is--

  • ক. Shanghai Co-operation Organization
  • খ. Scottish Co-operation Organization
  • গ. Shenzu Co-operation Organization
  • ঘ. South African Co-operation Organization

উত্তরঃ Shanghai Co-operation Organization


18. Latest member of BIMSTEC is---

  • ক. Sri Lanka
  • খ. Nepal
  • গ. Bhutan
  • ঘ. Both b and c

উত্তরঃ Both b and c


19. Who is the father of 'Euro' Currency?

  • ক. Robert Zoellick
  • খ. Robert Vittek
  • গ. Robert Mundell
  • ঘ. Robert Rosetti

উত্তরঃ Robert Mundell


20. Which country has accepted 'Euro' as their common currency for the latest time?

  • ক. England
  • খ. Estonia
  • গ. Turky
  • ঘ. Latvia

উত্তরঃ Latvia


22. Where is the headquarter of ACU is situated?

  • ক. Turky
  • খ. Iran
  • গ. Singapore
  • ঘ. Japan

উত্তরঃ Iran


23. 'LIBOR' means--

  • ক. London Intra-Bank Official Rate
  • খ. London International Book Rate
  • গ. London Inter-Bank Offered Rate
  • ঘ. London Inter-Bank Official Rate

উত্তরঃ London Inter-Bank Offered Rate


24. What is the name of currency of Ethiopia?

  • ক. Dinar
  • খ. Birr
  • গ. Dollar
  • ঘ. Rupiah

উত্তরঃ Birr


25. Which one of the following is different?

  • ক. NAFTA
  • খ. SAARC
  • গ. OPEC
  • ঘ. EU

উত্তরঃ NAFTA


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