Basic Concepts of Finance and Banking

1. What is Bangladesh Development Bank?

  • ক. New name for Bangladesh Shilpa Bank
  • খ. A Bank established by SAARC
  • গ. Bangladesh branch of the ADB
  • ঘ. A merger of development finance institutions

উত্তরঃ A merger of development finance institutions


2. The first NCB to register in the stock market is--

  • ক. ICB
  • খ. Janata Bank
  • গ. BASIC Bank
  • ঘ. Rupali Bank

উত্তরঃ Rupali Bank


3. Dhaka Stock Exchange was established in---

  • ক. 1950
  • খ. 1952
  • গ. 1954
  • ঘ. 1958

উত্তরঃ 1954


4. Which of the following is the soft loan window of the World Bank(WB)?

  • ক. IFC
  • খ. IBRD
  • গ. MIGA
  • ঘ. IDA

উত্তরঃ IDA


5. Which of the following is known as 'Twin of Bertton Woods'?

  • ক. IMF, IDA
  • খ. IMF, IBRD
  • গ. ILO, IDA
  • ঘ. ILO, IBRD

উত্তরঃ IMF, IBRD


6. How many Stock Exchanges are there in Bangladesh?

  • ক. Three
  • খ. Two
  • গ. One
  • ঘ. Four

উত্তরঃ Two


7. In which year did Bangladesh become a member of the IMF?

  • ক. 1993
  • খ. 1972
  • গ. 1974
  • ঘ. 1977

উত্তরঃ 1972


8. When you purchaes shares of corporate stock, then--

  • ক. You have loaned money to the corporation
  • খ. You own part of the corporation
  • গ. You have made new funds available to the corporation
  • ঘ. All of the above

উত্তরঃ You own part of the corporation


9. The maximum lending rate for the commercial banks to tackle the fallout of global recession. Which sector has been kept outside this regulation?

  • ক. Agriculture Loan
  • খ. Industrial Loan
  • গ. Credit Card and Customer Loan
  • ঘ. Transport Loan

উত্তরঃ Credit Card and Customer Loan


11. Money appears to have a major influence on:

  • ক. inflation
  • খ. the business cycle
  • গ. interest rates
  • ঘ. all of these

উত্তরঃ all of these


12. An increase in the growth rate of the money supply is most likely to be followed by:

  • ক. Recession
  • খ. a decline in economic activity
  • গ. Inflation
  • ঘ. All of these

উত্তরঃ Inflation


13. The currency museum of Bangladesh was established in the year--

  • ক. 2009
  • খ. 2005
  • গ. 1987
  • ঘ. 1997

উত্তরঃ 2009


14. The term 'Book Building Method' is related to--

  • ক. Building construction
  • খ. Price discovery method of IPO
  • গ. Ship building
  • ঘ. Printing and Publication

উত্তরঃ Price discovery method of IPO


15. DES (Dhaka Stock Exchange) operates under the direct control of--

  • ক. Ministry of Commerce
  • খ. FBCCI
  • গ. SEC
  • ঘ. Bangladesh Bank

উত্তরঃ SEC


16. Treasury Bills are sold by--

  • ক. Bangladesh Bank
  • খ. SEC
  • গ. Households
  • ঘ. Jamuna Bank

উত্তরঃ Bangladesh Bank


17. A Bank's function do not include--

  • ক. acceptance of deposit
  • খ. manufacturing
  • গ. giving loans
  • ঘ. transfer of funds

উত্তরঃ manufacturing


18. The term secondary market is used in--

  • ক. Labour Market
  • খ. Job Market
  • গ. Agriculture Market
  • ঘ. Stock Market

উত্তরঃ Stock Market


19. Apart from DSE, which is the other stock Exchange of Bangladesh?

  • ক. Sylhet Stock Exchange
  • খ. Karnaphuli Stock Exchange
  • গ. Chittagong Stock Exchange
  • ঘ. Khulna Stock Exchange

উত্তরঃ Chittagong Stock Exchange


20. SEC stands for--

  • ক. Securities Exchange Commission
  • খ. Social Enrollment Committee
  • গ. Survival Environment Call
  • ঘ. Social Equality Cell

উত্তরঃ Securities Exchange Commission


21. The exchange rate of British Pound against Taka is close to:

  • ক. 65
  • খ. 85
  • গ. 100
  • ঘ. 120

উত্তরঃ 120


22. Money mainly serves as a

  • ক. medium of exchange
  • খ. means of barter
  • গ. means of hoarding
  • ঘ. both (a) & (b)

উত্তরঃ both (a) & (b)


23. BO in BO Account stands for--

  • ক. Beneficiary Owner's
  • খ. Bonafide Operator
  • গ. Benefit Operation
  • ঘ. By Owner's

উত্তরঃ Beneficiary Owner's


24. Circuit breaker in a stock exchange works as--

  • ক. A medium to spilt stocks
  • খ. An obstacle to excessive change in share price
  • গ. A policy for broker houses
  • ঘ. A constraint to issue bonus shares

উত্তরঃ An obstacle to excessive change in share price


25. Which type of account gives lowest rate of return?

  • ক. Savings account
  • খ. Fixed deposits
  • গ. Current account
  • ঘ. Joint account

উত্তরঃ Current account


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