Banking System of Bangladesh

2. Bangladesh development Bank Ltd. a new bank in Bangladesh has been created through merging of which of the following banks?

  • ক. BKB and BSRS
  • খ. BCB and BSRS
  • গ. BKB and BSB
  • ঘ. BSB and SB

উত্তরঃ BCB and BSRS


3. Which is an investment bank in the public sector?

  • ক. BSRS
  • খ. BSB
  • গ. ICB
  • ঘ. None of these

উত্তরঃ None of these


4. Jamuna Bank Ltd. started formal operation in Bangladesh in the year--

  • ক. 2001
  • খ. 1996
  • গ. 1982
  • ঘ. 1990

উত্তরঃ 2001


5. In which year was Grameen Bank established?

  • ক. 1982
  • খ. 1980
  • গ. 1983
  • ঘ. 1984

উত্তরঃ 1983


6. What was the profit after tax for Dhaka Bank Ltd. in the year 2008?

  • ক. Tk 956 million
  • খ. Tk 383 million
  • গ. Tk 734 million
  • ঘ. Tk 839 million

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

7. Which of the following is true about Dhaka Bank Ldt.?

  • ক. DBL shares are traded on NYSE
  • খ. DBL has 141 branches across the country
  • গ. DBL has 2SME service centers
  • ঘ. All of these are true

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

8. Dhaka Bank Ltd. started to provide Islamic banking services in the year--

  • ক. 2006
  • খ. 2003
  • গ. 2009
  • ঘ. 1999

উত্তরঃ 2006


9. Which bank is sponsored by the Army Welfare Trust(AWT) in Bangladesh?

  • ক. The Premier Bank Ltd.
  • খ. Trust Bank Ltd.
  • গ. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
  • ঘ. AB Bank Ltd.

উত্তরঃ Trust Bank Ltd.


10. Which of the following is not a local bank?

  • ক. City Bank Ltd.
  • খ. Standard Bank Ltd.
  • গ. Habib Bank Ltd.
  • ঘ. AB Bank Ltd.

উত্তরঃ Habib Bank Ltd.


11. The founder of the Grameen Bank is--

  • ক. Lutfur Rahman Sarker
  • খ. Professor Mohammad Yunus
  • গ. Fazle Hossain Abed
  • ঘ. Professor Muzaffar Ahmed

উত্তরঃ Professor Mohammad Yunus


12. BRAC Bank Ltd. is a--

  • ক. Nationalised Commercial Bank
  • খ. Private Sector Bank
  • গ. Non Banking Financial Institute
  • ঘ. NGO

উত্তরঃ Private Sector Bank


13. Which not of the following is not a naionalised Commercial Bank(NCB)?

  • ক. Sonali Bank Ltd.
  • খ. Agrani Bank Ltd.
  • গ. Janata Bank Ltd.
  • ঘ. AB Bank Ltd.

উত্তরঃ AB Bank Ltd.


14. The first private sector bank in bangladesh is--

  • ক. National Bank Ltd.
  • খ. Trust Bank Ltd.
  • গ. Agrani Bank Ltd.
  • ঘ. AB Bank Ltd.

উত্তরঃ AB Bank Ltd.


15. The oldest private foreign Bank of our country:

  • ক. Standard Chartered Bank
  • খ. HSBC
  • গ. Citi Bank N.A
  • ঘ. Bank of Ceylon

উত্তরঃ Standard Chartered Bank


16. What Type of bank is the Exim Bank?

  • ক. Commercial
  • খ. Merchant
  • গ. Central
  • ঘ. Investment

উত্তরঃ Commercial


17. How many branches does BASIC Bank Ltd. have?

  • ক. 100
  • খ. 200
  • গ. 330
  • ঘ. 335

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

19. How many commercial banks are there in Bangladesh?

  • ক. 135
  • খ. 144
  • গ. 150
  • ঘ. 260

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

20. BASIC Bank Ltd. started its operation in the year--

  • ক. 1993
  • খ. 1987
  • গ. 1989
  • ঘ. 1967

উত্তরঃ 1989


21. In Islamic Banking the customers are considered as -- and thus entitled to profit sharing.

  • ক. partners
  • খ. employees
  • গ. creditors
  • ঘ. outsiders

উত্তরঃ partners


22. The proposed name of The Oriental Bank Ltd. afterits purchase by Switzerland based ICB Financial Group Holdings AG will be--

  • ক. ICB Financial Group Holdings
  • খ. ICB Financial Group Holdings AG
  • গ. ICB Financial Group
  • ঘ. ICB Islamic Bank Limited

উত্তরঃ ICB Islamic Bank Limited


23. Which of the following banks has recently been declared to be a Public Ltd. Co.?

  • ক. Rupali
  • খ. Pubali
  • গ. Sonali
  • ঘ. Brac

উত্তরঃ Sonali


24. Which one of the following institutions provides long term loan?

  • ক. Bangladesh Bank
  • খ. Dhaka Bank
  • গ. BSB
  • ঘ. Grameen Bank

উত্তরঃ Bangladesh Bank


25. Who had earlier offered to buy out the majority shares of Rupali Bank?

  • ক. Prince Bandar Bin Mohammed
  • খ. Prince Waterhouse Cooper's
  • গ. HSBC Bank
  • ঘ. Citi Bank NA

উত্তরঃ Prince Bandar Bin Mohammed


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