Parts of speech

1. The verd of the word "short" is-

  • ক. eshort
  • খ. shorten
  • গ. shorted
  • ঘ. shorting

উত্তরঃ shorten


2. I took a map with me, as I didn't want to -- my way on the journey.

  • ক. loose
  • খ. lose
  • গ. lost
  • ঘ. loss

উত্তরঃ lose


3. Which is the noun' of the word 'beautiful'?

  • ক. Beauty
  • খ. Beautity
  • গ. Beauteous
  • ঘ. Beautifully

উত্তরঃ Beauty


4. Complete the sentence with correct verb form: 'Neela - her hand when she was cooking dinner'.

  • ক. is burring
  • খ. burnt
  • গ. will burn
  • ঘ. was burning

উত্তরঃ burnt


5. Fill in the blank with tught option. I am looking forward - you.

  • ক. to seeing
  • খ. seeing
  • গ. to see
  • ঘ. to have seen

উত্তরঃ to seeing


6. 'The day of my sister's marriage is drawing near. The underlined word is a/an

  • ক. adjective
  • খ. verb
  • গ. preposition
  • ঘ. adverb

উত্তরঃ adverb


7. There are - danferous drivers.

  • ক. a very lof of
  • খ. very many of
  • গ. very much of
  • ঘ. a lot of

উত্তরঃ a lot of


8. In order to improve farming methods, we need-

  • ক. machine
  • খ. machinery
  • গ. a machinery
  • ঘ. machineries

উত্তরঃ machinery


9. The children studied in a class room - windows were never opened.

  • ক. that
  • খ. which
  • গ. where
  • ঘ. whose

উত্তরঃ whose


10. The ladt word of the proverd 'Handsome is that handsome'-

  • ক. word
  • খ. thinks
  • গ. says
  • ঘ. does

উত্তরঃ does


12. What is the verb of the word 'Shortly'?

  • ক. Short
  • খ. Shorter
  • গ. Shorten
  • ঘ. Shortness

উত্তরঃ Shorten


13. Who, What, Which are -

  • ক. Demonstrative pronoun
  • খ. Relative pronoun
  • গ. Reflexive pronoun
  • ঘ. Indefinite pronoun

উত্তরঃ Relative pronoun


14. What is the noun of the word 'Wastage'?

  • ক. Waste
  • খ. Wasting
  • গ. Wastage
  • ঘ. Wasteful

উত্তরঃ Wastage


15. What is the verb of the word 'Ability'?

  • ক. Ableness
  • খ. Enable
  • গ. Ably
  • ঘ. Able

উত্তরঃ Enable


16. A rolling stone gathers no moss. What is 'rolling'?

  • ক. Gerund
  • খ. Adjective
  • গ. Participle
  • ঘ. Verbal Noun

উত্তরঃ Participle


17. Which is the Noun of the word 'Beautiful'?

  • ক. Beautiful
  • খ. Beauty
  • গ. Beautifully
  • ঘ. Beauteous

উত্তরঃ Beauty


18. What kind of Noun is 'Cattle'?

  • ক. Proper
  • খ. Common
  • গ. Collective
  • ঘ. Material

উত্তরঃ Collective


19. What kind of Noun is 'Girl'?

  • ক. Proper
  • খ. Common
  • গ. Collective
  • ঘ. Material

উত্তরঃ Common


20. What is the plural form of the word 'louse'?

  • ক. louses
  • খ. lice
  • গ. lices
  • ঘ. licess

উত্তরঃ lice


21. A retired officer lives next door. Here, the underlined word is used as a a/an:

  • ক. Gerund
  • খ. adverb
  • গ. preposition
  • ঘ. particple

উত্তরঃ particple


22. Fill in the blank with correct quantifier. I still have - money.

  • ক. a few
  • খ. quite a few
  • গ. many
  • ঘ. a little

উত্তরঃ a little


23. Fill in the blank: Tourists - their reservations well in advance if they want to fly to Cox's bazar.

  • ক. had better to get
  • খ. had better to get
  • গ. had better got
  • ঘ. had better get

উত্তরঃ had better get


24. Which one of the following words is in singular form?

  • ক. agenda
  • খ. oases
  • গ. radius
  • ঘ. formulae

উত্তরঃ radius


25. The sun went down. The underlined word is used here as a/an:

  • ক. no preposition
  • খ. adverb
  • গ. noun
  • ঘ. conjunction

উত্তরঃ adverb


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