Idioms amp; Phrases

1. 'Asparagus' means-

  • ক. A chart of bus fare
  • খ. A price list
  • গ. A valuable food
  • ঘ. A valuable menu

উত্তরঃ A valuable food


2. 'Hideously' means-

  • ক. quietly
  • খ. fragrantly
  • গ. suddenly
  • ঘ. horribly

উত্তরঃ horribly


3. 'Out and out' means-

  • ক. Not at all
  • খ. Brave
  • গ. Thoroughly
  • ঘ. Whole heartldly

উত্তরঃ Thoroughly


4. 'Maiden speech' means-

  • ক. Late speech
  • খ. Early speech
  • গ. Final speech
  • ঘ. First speech

উত্তরঃ First speech


5. 'First language' means the language.

  • ক. important
  • খ. main
  • গ. natural
  • ঘ. official

উত্তরঃ natural


6. "Salt of life" stands for---

  • ক. sorrows of life
  • খ. saline water
  • গ. sodium chloride
  • ঘ. valuable things

উত্তরঃ valuable things


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