Titles of important writers

1. Choose the pair of words that expresses a relationship similar to that of given pair --- Words : Writer

  • ক. laws : policeman
  • খ. butter : backer
  • গ. chalk : black board
  • ঘ. joy : emotion

উত্তরঃ chalk : black board


2. Who is the writer of Treasure Island?

  • ক. J. Milton
  • খ. Homer
  • গ. Stevenson
  • ঘ. Byron

উত্তরঃ Stevenson


3. Which of the passive form of the sentence ' panic seized the writer'?

  • ক. The writer was seized by panic
  • খ. The writer seized for panic
  • গ. The writer was seized with panic
  • ঘ. The writer was seized off panic

উত্তরঃ The writer was seized with panic


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