1. Fill in the blank : You should ----- swimming.

  • ক. take up
  • খ. take off
  • গ. start up
  • ঘ. get off

উত্তরঃ start up


2. Fill in the blank : He had written the book before he ------

  • ক. has retired
  • খ. will be retired
  • গ. retired
  • ঘ. had retired

উত্তরঃ retired


3. Fill in the blank : The climate is congenial ------- health.

  • ক. to
  • খ. for
  • গ. with
  • ঘ. on

উত্তরঃ to


4. Fill in the blank : Between,- this is the greatest book I've ever read.

  • ক. you and I
  • খ. you and me
  • গ. I and you
  • ঘ. you're and I'm

উত্তরঃ you and me


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